Let’s talk about the Bible & Homosexuality, shall we?

At some point within the past few decades, the term “clobber passages" was coined to give a title to the six places in the Bible that are used to speak against same-sex identities. These 6 passages unfortunately have been used to create disconnection, exploitation, and even violence against our queer brothers and sisters.

But what if I told you that these verse have been misinterpreted by the evangelical for decades?.

If you see these six verses and your take-away is "homosexuality is a sin," that is a lazy, bland, and poor translation of what it happening in these verse.

If you’v ever wondered how The Bible and  the LGBTQ community intersect, then this video is for you.

I break down the complex nuances in each “clobber passage” and discover the true meanings behind these verses.

I hope this gives you a new found sense and awe and wonder for our Queer brothers and sisters.

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