Let me introduce you to Heretic Coffee Co. The name has several meanings, but the focus right now is bucking the system of what it means to “grab a cup of coffee.” For me, coffee isn’t just about consumption, but about community. It’s a form of communion, a version of breaking-of-bread. We want to know all of your names, your typical orders, and a quick update on how your family is doing. Heretic is also a non-profit; all of our profit goes to the resident artists in the Makerspace as funding. The resident artists at the Makerspace are organizations and people who are creating things that create more beauty and justice in the city of Portland. The logo (done by the great @dmytrykcarreno) is a riff on the “wolf in sheep clothing” verse. Because sometimes, people see you as the wolf when all you’re doing is shepherding people the way Jesus intended. Last thing I’ll add: this season is busy, chaotic, long-nights-designing-and-dreaming-and-system-building-and-coffee. It’s also been one of the most joy-filled moments of being part of Portland. I’m grateful for the things I get to make for the world. You can pick up a bag and a tee at www.hereticcoffee.com.

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